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Black b & t gas grenade launcher

Characteristics :

Long. Total: 385/590 mm
Long. Barrel: 279 mm
Weight: 2200 grams
All metal and polymer.
HK type stock.
4 rails for mounting accessories.
Rings for straps.
Integrated sighting organs.
Resistant construction.
Detachable front handle.
Authentic branding.
Works with any type of Airsoft 40mm grenade.

Licensed grenade launcher, originally manufactured by Brügger & Thomet, Switzerland. The stock and the part receiving the grenade are made of polymer while the barrel, the handguard and the 4 rails are made of metal. These can accommodate any type of accessory imaginable. The removable front handle completes the gl-06.


The gl-06 was developed in response to a request from the police who seek to obtain a non-lethal anti-riot weapon of extreme precision at a safe distance (beyond 40 meters for such scenarios) during the firing rounds of impact. The gl-06 is lighter and more compact than other stand-alone weapons of the same class (like the American M79 or German HK 69), it is capable of tactical flexibility and has good ergonomics.