Smokeless Range ® 2.0- Simulador de hogar

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Smokeless Range ® 2.0- Simulador de hogar


The iconic Smokeless Range ® Simulator just got even better! New improvements help drive the shooters' training, further than before. Laser Ammo is happy to announce the first affordable, judgmental and marksmanship shooting simulator, the Smokeless Range®. The Smokeless Range® Simulator can be used in conjunction with your own firearm or recoil enabled training solution to practice, and dry-fire train at your convenience. Just add a laptop computer, a projector and screen or TV and you're ready to go. The item includes: *High Frame Camera IR laser sensitive *3.3' USB Cable *10 different Drills package *Limited 1-Year Warranty




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Practice Fast Draw, IPSIC, IPDA, home defense or hunting skills with your favorite pistol, shotgun or rifle. Use the red or infrared SureStrike™ or any of our recoil enabled training solutions, to train like a pro with this simulator, which offers ten different shooting drills. The Smokeless Range® includes a high speed camera for infrared and red SureStrike™ lasers, five different marksmanship drills, and five additional recreational drills, including: Marksmanship drills include: Transitional Drills, Tracking Drills, Speed Drills, Moving Targets and Matching drills Recreational training drills include: Dueling Tree, Trap Shooting, Target Shooting, Can Toss and Bomb Blast The Smokeless Range ® 2.0 includes the same 10 firearms training drills, but with significant visuals and functional updates; Helping to drive the shooter’s training even further then before. *If you are using the Smokeless Range® with Airsoft Pistols, you are require to use an infrared SureStrike™ Vibration Cartridge **While the prefered method of use is with a projector, the Smokeless Range can be used with a television. Please see attached instructions for set up and use with a TV. Computer Minimum Specifications CPU - Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ 2.5GHz Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M RAM - 8GB of RAM Memory Projection Specifications *Video projector capable of 1280x720 resolution and 2000 to 3500 ANSI Lumens. Please see the FAQ on Projector selection Projector FAQ (Please note that the size of the image and the ambient room light will also determine what is needed for a proper setup) (Cheap LED Projectors from Amazon and eBay will not work. They advertise high lumens but are really only about 80 ANSI Lumens) *White (1.1 gain max) projection screen (no silver screens) or flat, non-glossy, white wall *Recommended projected screen size 6 feet to 12 feet wide
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