Designed to be Safe and Secure

This laser beam can be seen on a standard paper target or one of our specialized electronic targets. The SureStrike™ system is inserted into the chamber of the user’s firearm. It is physically impossible to have live ammunition in the chamber during a Laser Ammo practice session. By using the patented designed safety system called the “Uhr Secure” (Safety pipe and nut) the cartridge is aligned inside the chamber, and the red nut visually indicates that the gun is safe.

An Adaptable Shooting Solution with Long Battery Life

Another unique feature of the SureStrike™ is the patented action cap system, which serves as a snap cap protecting your favorite firearm’s firing pin and allows you to choose from a variety of functional modes, like dry fire training, bore-sighter, and multi-mode. Laser Ammo also offers special programming upon request.

While we always recommend taking out the battery, the action caps also have a sleep mode in order to save on your battery life. Leaving the battery in the SureStrike™ for a few weeks will not drain the battery and will give you the ability to continue training anytime.

Since most shooters use more than one caliber, we designed the SureStrike™ to be modular – meaning you can work with a variety of calibers by applying different adapters and caps to the same cartridge which saves you money. We also offer kits that include a pre-selected popular variety of caliber adapters for one low price.


So what does all this mean to you as a shooter?

You’ll be able to see why you’ve been missing your targets and correct your errors without the negative reinforcement of errant shots on a paper target.

You can practice your marksmanship anywhere, using your own firearm, safely! You will be developing & maintaining your shooting skills: practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through.

And best of all – you will be saving time and money.

This is "Simply Serious Training."



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The SureStrike 9mm cartridge is placed into the chamber. By squeezing the trigger, the impact of the firing pin activates the SureStrikeTM to emit an eye-safe laser pulse, a shot of red light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the weapon would have struck.

This immediate feedback from the SureStrikeTM transforms the typical dry firing session into a powerful learning experience.

Laser Ammo can customize the SureStrikeTM for special police or military applications.

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