CZ P-09 Duty FDE Blowback - 4,5 mm Co2 Pellets

CZ P-09 Duty FDE Blowback - 4,5 mm Co2 Pellets

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Description Precision performance with great realism.
The CZ P-09 is a large-sized tactical pistol with an integrated rail for mounting light and / or laser.
Manufactured under license from CZ, this air gun is designed from the original specifications,
which results in a realistic look and feel.
Its recoil function makes the slide of the metal slide move with each shot,
creating a strong recoil, which adds to the shooting experience.
The CZ P-09 features a scratched inner barrel that allows the use of lead pellets, which improves range and accuracy.
Add to this a 3-point sight system that gives the operator quick and easy lens acquisition.
Each gun comes with its own unique serial number and authentic CZ marks.
A tube of extension of the tube can be placed easily removing the front covers.
The CZ P-09 belongs to a new generation of compressed air guns capable of firing flat head pellets from an ingenious magazine with a capacity of 2x8 pellets/bbs.
It is powered by a 12 g CO2 cartridge for reliable and consistent performance, along with a comfortable ergonomic design,
This compressed air weapon will give you a quality experience.


• Ambidextrous Safety in 2 steps.
• Blowback
• Detailed replica
• 3 point views
• Tactical lane
• 2x8 Balinese capacity
• Fluted barrel
• Use balbolo type pellets
• Powered by CO2o
• Average barrel speed 110 m / s - 360 fps.
Use 4.5mm round balls or flathead pellets ONLY  4.5mm.
Please note: All speed and power measurements are maximum values, achieved under optimal test conditions.
The choice of the weight of the pellet, the brand choice of the CO2 cartridge,
as well as the ambient temperature can cause a large variation in the velocity of the projectile.

Length: 205 mm / 8.2 inches
Barrel length: 94 mm / 3.8 inches
Magazine with 16 pellets capacity.

Magazine ref: ASG17538
Speed: up to 150 ms / 492 fps
Weight: 702gr / 1.6 lb
Maximum power: 3.7 joules

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